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Arrested for DUI – Need Lawyer Near Me

DUI Arrest – Arrested For DUI – DUI Arrests

If you have been arrested for DUI, DWI, OUI, OWI or a similar drunk driving charge, you have experienced a very traumatic event in your life, probably the worst and most humiliating experience a person can go through. You were commanded to get out of your car and step onto a potentially dangerous road or sidewalk with blinding police lights and maybe flares distracting your attention. You may have been driving with your wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, and they were just as scared and bewildered as you. They may have been intoxicated as well, or they may have asked if the officer would let them drive you home.

The worst DUI arrest scenario is if you had your children, or someone else’s children, in the car. The police come down very hard on drunk drivers who drive impaired with children in the back seat. You can be arrested for DUI charged one extra DUI for each child, plus face child endangerment charges. For example, if you are arrested for DUI and you have 3 children in the car, you will be charged with FOUR DUIs. Even the very best DUI lawyers face a huge uphill battle in trying to get your DUI charges in Georgia reduced, but it has been done by our DUI lawyers.

All types of situations occur, and our top-ranked DUI lawyers have represented all kinds of DUI defendants over the last several decades. Nothing about DUI arrests intimidates us, no matter how bad you think your DUI case may be. The last thing you want to do is plead guilty and “accept your punishment.” That would be the most harmful thing you could do for you and your family. How will you support your family while you are in jail? Can your family afford thousands of dollars in court fines, driving school fees, bail bonds, and loss of job income because you were fired for getting arrested?

If you plead guilty you face immediate car insurance rate hikes, reduced chances of landing a new job, potentially real divorce attorney costs, paying for an apartment on your own, and facing bankruptcy. These consequences are all very real, and are based on the years of tragedies we have seen because someone decided to not fight and plead guilty to DUI. Remember, an arrest for DUI is not a conviction! You must hire the best after your arrest. The money you invest in a top DUI lawyer now will save you tons of money and heartache down the road.

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