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What Makes A Great DUI Attorney?

Choose A Great DUI Attorney Very Carefully

Many DUI attorneys who have launched websites are NOT skilled in fighting DUI/DWI cases at trial, but seek a volume DUI business to allow them to handle guilty pleas in large numbers to increase their bottom line. Often, these lawyers’ practices are known as “bait-and-switch” shops, referring to the front-end assurances of their successful track records, “connections” within the courts, prior prosecutorial experience and promises of fighting a DUI case “tooth and nail.”

To the utter shock of many trusting clients, their “legal gladiator” later changes to a yellow-bellied skink, giving a later report of “gloom and doom” or “I have bad news” that ultimately leads to the lawyer pushing you into accepting a “slow GUILTY plea” to the drunk driving or drugged driving charges. Many DUI lawyers, unfortunately, opt for this type of practice rather than let a jury or a trial judge decide these DUI cases. This is the most dangerous pitfall and difficult to detect culprit in the DUI defense business. I have suggested for decades that you go to your DUI court to watch the proceedings PRIOR TO your court date, and (at a break) ask the court reporter or a bailiff about DUI Lawyer A, Lawyer B and Lawyer C, before you make a big mistake!

Do Not Fight A DUI Prosecutor On Your Own!

Seeing that a specific legal DUI defense in a reported appellate case or trial was successful for a DUI lawyer (by reading about it in a book or online) in no way prepares the average citizen who is untrained in law to properly raise and assert that DUI defense in court, much less fight a knowledgeable and tough DUI prosecutor. Often, the winning DUI client hires one of the great DUI attorneys in town to help him or her. To act as your own DUI attorney in DUI litigation is a painful mismatch, plain and simple.