Georgia DUI Lawyer

A good Georgia DUI lawyer invests a lot of hours reviewing your drunk driving case, interviewing eyewitnesses, and building a winnable DUI defense based on decades of solid courtroom experience. Georgia DUI laws change every year and penalties get more severe, even for first DUI offense cases. A Georgia DUI misdemeanor requires mandatory jail time up to 24 hours, court fines, DUI classes, community service, and probation. A second or more DUI conviction means escalating penalties like up to 12 months in jail, thousands of dollars in fines, 240 hours of community service, total driver’s license loss, and other penalties decided by the judge based on the extenuating circumstances of your case.

Georgia DUI Lawyer

If injuries or death are involved, or major property damage, you can be charged with a felony drunk driving offense, including vehicular homicide. Our Georgia criminal defense lawyers handle the toughest cases and have deep experience with clients who were repeat DUI offenders and were in jail from the time they got arrested to their final court appearance months later. Since our attorneys have taken on the most challenging impaired driving cases, they are battle-hardened and wise, and your case will be taken very seriously. Our Georgia law firm’s legal staff will also treat your case as if a family member or friend were on trial, and will give you plenty of notice about upcoming court dates.

Which Court Proceedings Do I Have to Attend in Person?

The short answer is, only the last one where you must personally enter a plea at your final plea court date. You of course also have to be present during your jury trial or bench trial if your case goes that far. The statistics are that over 90% of Georgia DUI either plead guilty at their arraignment or are found guilty at trial. Our clients are in the remaining 10% that are offered a plea deal to a lesser charge, or are acquitted at trial.

We know that not every client is a Georgia resident, and that you may have been in Atlanta or Macon on business or for an Atlanta Falcons game when you were pulled over. This means you may have had to fly back home before your first arraignment takes place. No worries. One of our Georgia DUI lawyers knows what to do next. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO APPEAR IN COURT FOR YOUR ARRAIGNMENT. We will enter a not guilty plea on your behalf to notify the prosecution that we intend to fight the drunk driving charge to the end. Based on decades of reviewing and trying cases, we know where to attack the prosecutor’s case, and how to best get damaging police evidence excluded way before the go to trial decision needs to be made.

A Veteran Georgia DUI Lawyer is On Call 24/7 to Take Your Call.

The Georgia State Patrol, the Georgia NightHawk DUI Task Force, and the local city police departments make impaired driving arrests all night long 7 days a week. When you are calling from jail, you MUST have someone answer the phone to help get you out. Call us at 844-832-6384 around the clock and on every major holiday and get a DUI fighter on your case immediately. Not all is lost, not by a long shot. This may be your first time being arrested and booked into jail, and you feel hopeless and nervous. We totally understand. Let us ease the pressure and take the heat from the prosecutor and judge.

Our lawyers are professionals that take time to listen to everything that happened to you, and we do not get intimidated no matter bad the facts are. An arrest is not a conviction! Make the best call you can at this difficult time. Call at 844-832-6384, speak to one of our local DUI attorneys, and get a free PDF copy of “The DUI Book”, a 400-page guide to beating a DUI charge.