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The DUI Lawyer Near Me for My Driving While Intoxicated Case

Driving under the influence is America’s most publicized misdemeanor crime. Sports stars, celebrities, politicians, ministers, teachers, doctors, CEOs, attorneys, accountants, college students and just about EVERY other category of employment or other vocation in the United States is subject to being arrested for this crime. The agent or business attorney for these high-powered DUI clients will contact many resources to identify the top drunk driving attorney near me.

If you know an established, highly respected attorney in the city or county where you were arrested, he or she will know top lawyers near me, just from word-of-moth from colleagues. For our Atlanta Georgia law firm, about 1 in every 7 cases is referred from a civil law attorney (i.e., a legal practitioner who handles divorce, personal injury law, real estate, or possibly estate planning) from the Fulton County (Atlanta GA) 19-county metro area.

If you went to your physician and learned that you had cancer, would you just quit, without a fight? Being arrested for DUI is like having LEGAL CANCER. The burden of proof is on the state prosecutor, meaning that he or she must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the crime of DWI-DUI for which you are charged.

Fortunately, hundreds of successful DUI defense strategies are at our disposal, including excluding breath test and field sobriety test results. A knowledgeable DUI criminal trial attorney knows how to challenge the DUI police evidence against you.

In many jurisdictions, a high percentage of driving under the influence cases challenged by a resourceful DUI attorney can result in your drunk driving charges being reduced or dismissed. or possibly be resolved through your acquittal at trial. This website is designed to provide an attorney for DUI near me in over 200 American cities.

5 FAQs About Which DUI Attorney Near Me Is the Best DUI Lawyer

1. How do I determine the best DUI attorney near me? Since the Internet was launched, it quickly erased the Yellow Pages as a means of finding top DUI lawyers near me. Google and the other search engines quickly learned from their users that technology ought to be able to identify DUI law firms near me. Without question, ten times more detailed information is now instantly available on local DUI defense advocates.

2. What attorney ratings services are reliable and universally accepted for identifying the best DUI lawyer near me? NCDD-ABA Board Certified, Martindale, U.S. News and World Report’s Best Law Firms in America, Best Lawyers in America, and Super Lawyers.

3. Can you beat a DUI with a public defender? Sometimes, yes. Because different states have different funding and “purse strings” on public defenders, this question is not going to have a universal answer. Our advice is that every indigent defendant that qualifies for an appointed lawyer SHOULD take that FREE DUI lawyer.

4. Should I get a lawyer for my first DUI? Due to potential harsh consequences of a DUI-OUI conviction, that can derail jobs and be a permanent part of your criminal record, that answer is YES, positively.

Without question, any truthful criminal defense lawyer with vast experience in defending criminal cases will tell you that your best chance for a reduction or dismissal if on a first offense DUI. Going to court for a DUI without lawyer is a mistake, almost 100% of the time.

If you do not want to merely plead guilty, your job is to research lawyer ratings on criminal defense attorneys known for being a top DUI criminal defense attorney. You will find that major cities tend to have the majority of those OWI lawyers near me and DWI lawyers near me. So, is it worth getting a lawyer for a DUI? YES.

5. Is jail time required if convicted for DUI-DWI? Every state makes its own penalties, license suspension and jail time rules, A link provided here can give you an overview of DWI-DUI penalties but talking directly to a top impaired driving lawyer near your court location is your best bet. On our directory, that is a free conversation.

Do Not Hire a Criminal Lawyer Near Me Who Does Not Know How to Win DUI Cases

Drunk driving defense is an extremely technical field of criminal law, requiring knowledge of constitutional provisions and statutory DUI laws in your state. Also, a full understanding of police arrest procedures, and the complex scientific and medical evidence that DUI prosecutors will seek to use against you in court, is mandatory for any sought-after DUI lawyer.

If you go to a DUI criminal attorney who lacks the training and knowledge to minimize the prosecution’s case, potential intoxicated driving defenses to the criminal charges will never be properly raised and asserted. You should be able to obtain a free consultation and (after vetting all candidates) hire an attorney who is ranked among the top-rated DUI lawyers near me.

Any good DUI lawyer will admit that a drunk driving lawyer must know as much or more about criminal trial practice as a lawyer defending a murder case to be able to effectively handle your drinking and driving case. You can hire the same DUI lawyers that the celebrities retain for their representation.

Our DUI Lawyers Can Determine If You Were Stopped Illegally

Evidence that a crime occurred earlier or was being committed when the officer followed you must be established by the prosecutor at court. That is the starting point in every driving under the influence case. In some cases, law enforcement cannot establish the basis or reason he or she pulled you over.

As stated above, police officers in the United States cannot pull you over for no reason. The issue of the constitutionality of warrantless police checkpoints for alcohol-impaired driving interdiction is still being litigated every month in America. This could make your DUI license suspension invalid under implied consent laws and cause dismissal of the entire DUI case. Even in the 38 states that allow DUI checkpoints, many legal challenges to roadblocks have been successful.

Many times, DUI police videos help us get drunken driving cases dismissed. If a top DUI criminal attorney can prove that there was no probable cause for your vehicle being stopped, or that the officer failed to gather sufficient proof of your “impairment” by alcohol or drugs to make a custodial arrest (i.e., to handcuff you instead of letting you go after signing your traffic ticket), your whole driving under the influence case can be thrown out.

Do Not Lose Your Money, Job, and Relationships Because of a DUI On Your Record

A drunk driving conviction leads to tough DUI penalties that stick with you for life and can also impact your family for generations. Read Mr. Head’s list of “97 Consequences of a DUI Conviction” and increase your resolve to seek the best possible DUI attorneys for your pending drunk driving case. Compare attorney ratings for all DUI lawyers near me before settling on one!

Remember: You only get ONE SHOT at retaining your driver’s license! Do not jeopardize all you have worked for by hiring a lawyer for DUI who happens to be a relative or a general practitioner. Speak with our DUI law office and learn how our criminal attorneys will defend your case or refer you to DUI lawyers in your city, county or state that have proven their advanced-level skills as criminal justice attorneys.

Find a DUI Lawyer Who Knows How to Beat a DUI [Impaired Driving] Charge

Ask about DUI defense costs and the attorneys’ fees payment plans when you call. When you ask the top lawyers for DUI cases in ANY state, are you fees affordable, the response may be that you must consider the crippling cost of a DUI conviction, if you lose your DUI case. The fee for the best attorney will be minuscule compared to your financial loss after a conviction.

When you are hiring a professional DUI specialist to try to UNDO a huge legal mess with an OUI-DUI arrest, why not trust your DUI defense to the man who started the very first national DUI lawyer directory. Call our DUI defense lawyers at 1-844-832-6384 anytime day or night and let our experienced DUI defense attorneys handle this for you.

Remember, just like surgery, you need the best OVI-DUI lawyer near me for your representation. You must look beyond “good DUI lawyers” and find the best possible legal counsel. With all our member DUI lawyers near me, free consultation legal professionals are ready to assist. That way, you will receive a detailed case assessment before hiring.

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