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Criminal Attorney DUI Defense

A criminal attorney DUI defense is a highly-trained specialist in the field of drunk driving defense, with decades of case wins and charge reductions achieved before any clients had to go to trial. This type of attorney is highly sought after by people who find themselves facing impaired driving charges for the first time, and by multiple DUI defendants. The same thorough research and preparation tactics that go into a felony DUI case also are used in first DUI misdemeanor cases. In both types of criminal cases, a veteran attorney will leverage years of real-world trial experience and extensive legal training to fight against the prosecutor’s line of attack.

DUI criminal law cannot be practiced successfully by general criminal lawyers who handle only a few drunk driving cases each year. State DUI laws change constantly, new judges and prosecutors are appointed, and nothing beats deep jury trial or bench trial experience. Knowing how a local chief prosecutor and his or her assistant prosecutors like to try cases based on previous case history is invaluable to a criminal attorney DUI defense’s success in getting charges reduced or an outright acquittal.


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