A DUI Can Mean Driver’s License Loss

Driver’s license loss is one of the hardest DUI penalties to accept. Losing your driver’s license would be almost unbearable and can hamper many areas of your life:

  • How will you get to work?
  • How will you get to school?
  • What about transporting your children after a DUI?
  • How will you rent a car on a business trip?
  • What impact will no driving have on your current job?

You can face an administrative license suspension very quickly after your DUI-DWI arrest – in some states in as little as 10 days! So you have no time to lose. Talk to a local DUI attorney right now at 844-832-6384. Your conversation is completely confidential. If you hire a seasoned DUI lawyer from day 1, you may get to keep your driver license as your DUI case progresses through the courts.

Your Driver’s License Can Be Suspended Within 10 Days of Your Arrest!

Most people arrested for DUI have no idea that their driver’s license may be suspended by their local Department of Driver Services (DDS) within 10 days of their DWI arrest. This is called an “Administrative License Suspension”, or ALS. It is completely separate from any license revocation by the criminal courts. Once the DDS finds out about your drunk driving arrest (which they do via instant computer notification), they can suspend your driver’s license in as little as 10 days! That’s why you have to talk to one of our highly sought after DUI attorneys immediately. They know how and when to file motions to stop your DUI ALS.

If you can keep driving during all of this, your life can appear normal to family, friends…and bosses! Plus you can drive to DUI school, community service commitments, and alcohol and drug counseling/support groups if you need further help.

Driver’s License Loss Can Last Years

If your latest DUI arrest was not your first DUI and especially if your DUI arrests were “back to back”, you face long-term driver’s license loss that can last for years. That means you cannot drive at all, or in some cases your driving will be severely restricted. For example, transporting children (yours or anyone’s) after a DUI conviction may be forbidden. Each state has their own level of strictness and punishment around loss of driving privileges, so you MUST retain the very best DUI lawyer you can afford – someone who knows the State DUI laws and has worked with the local prosecutors and judges.

Hardship License or Work Permit Options

After a DUI conviction, or even between the time of your DUI arrest and the start of your criminal trial, your driving privileges may be severely curtailed. With a highly successful DWI lawyer on your side you may be fortunate enough to obtain a “hardship license” or a special driver’s “work permit”. A hardship license can be granted after your DUI arrest if your DUI attorney can prove that you “qualify” for conditional or limited driving privileges due to financial hardship or other debilitating circumstances.

For example, if there are no mass transit options to get to and from work, a tenacious DUI lawyer can argue that losing your job would unfairly harm your family. Or that you want to attend further alcohol or drug treatment programs.

But even the best DUI attorney has no ultimate control over a court’s decision in these matters. Every honest DUI attorney will tell you that up front.

Your DUI attorney also can fight for a work permit that gives you the right to drive to and from work ONLY. But if you are granted one of these work permits, DO NOT get caught by the police driving to the grocery store! The police take this offense very seriously, and so do the criminal courts.