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DUI Appeal Bond

Getting A DUI Appeal Bond

DUI Appeal BondCommercial bonding companies can be very valuable in helping you get released from jail. In most jurisdictions, these same bonding companies can act as your “appellate bonding company.” A DUI appeal bond works like your original appearance bond and keeps you out of jail while your relentless DUI attorney appeals an issue in your DUI case. Some people put up a cash bond, while others pledge real estate as “security” to assure that you will return for court. Typically, the sheriff or a clerk’s office official will approve any such bonds that rely on the equity position in real estate that you have pledged.

The DUI appearance bond that was posted at the time of your arrest terminates upon a DUI conviction. Therefore, you have to get a new appeal bond from the same bonding company, or from another bondsman. These appellate bond arrangements will be worked out before your trial by a well-prepared local DWI lawyer.

The last thing you need to worry about is obtaining an appellate bond AFTER you are found guilty.

Abide by the Terms of Your DUI Appeal Bond

Regardless of whether you or a family member posts your DUI appeal bond, use real estate equity value as the surety, or hire a commercial bonding company – pay attention to the conditions and rules of your appeal bond agreement. In some states, multiple DUI offenders cannot drive any vehicle that is not equipped with an ignition interlock device. In others, the judge setting your appeal bond can mandate that you can drive only for work-related purposes.

If you fail to show up for your DUI arraignment or any other court dates, the bonding company may be required to pay the full bond amount and “forfeit” the amount of your bond. If the bonding company’s “bounty hunter” can locate you, however, you will be physically arrested and brought back to face additional criminal charges. By bringing you back to jail, the bonding company avoids losing the bond forfeiture amount.

Be aware that bonding companies do not happily pay off your bond principal amount when you do not appear in court. If they need to locate you, they will. Talk RIGHT NOW with a prominent DUI attorney in your area. He or she will consult with you FREE and explain your DUI appeal bond options. Call 1-888-839-4384 day or night for a FREE consultation, and a FREE PDF copy of our 430-page “DUI Book” which is full of valuable information about how to successfully defend against drunk driving charges.

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