Administrative License Suspension Within 10 Days

Within 10 days of your DUI arrest your driver’s license may be automatically suspended by your state’s Department of Driver Services. This is called an administrative license suspension, or ALS, and is totally separate from your DUI criminal case. That is why you must act immediately to save your driving privileges! One of our top-rated DUI lawyers can file for an administrative license hearing, but we must ask for this hearing within 10 days of your DUI arrest. If you do nothing, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended. DUI attorney GA Bubba Head offers FREE DUI book to Potential Clients

We Can Keep You Driving During Your DUI Case

A top-rated DUI lawyer in your area has 10 days to file for a hearing in an effort to keep your driver’s license from being suspended. Your DUI attorney’s office will file paperwork for an administrative license hearing for you, and will represent you at the hearing. A filing fee does apply, and it varies by state. Continuing to legally drive is super important as you know. You can continue to go to work, pick up your children, attend meetings with your DUI lawyer, and attend mandatory court dates. Plus, keeping your driver’s license avoids having to explain why you are getting rides to work, or why you cannot drive your coworkers to lunch. How will you explain why you cannot rent a car on your next business trip?

You have enough to deal with as you and your DUI lawyer prepare to fight your DUI charge. You do not need everyone in the world to know about it.

Start Saving Money For Filing Fees and Other Expenses

Each state that requires an administrative license suspension will also require an ALS filing fee. The amount varies by state, but expect it to be around $150 – $300. Down the road you may have to pay for DUI school, court fines, and more bail if you are convicted. If convicted of DUI, your car insurance rates will definitely increase. The best outcome for you is to get your drunk driving charges reduced, and a winning DUI attorney will always fight for you.

The automatic license suspension punishment for taking the DUI breath test and rendering a test score over the state’s BAC limit was designed to be in addition to all the punishments that traditionally follow a DUI/DWI criminal conviction, such as jail time, probation, community service hours, a possible DUI ignition interlock, and alcohol and drug rehabilitation. These administrative penalties are basically an immediate taking of your driver’s license, subject to some sort of due process rights in the form of a hearing to try to get the immediate suspension/revocation set aside. This means that a DUI/DWI arrest triggers not only a “criminal” case, but also an “administrative” case against you.

Keep Driving – Your Job May Depend On It

Because your right to drive may hang in the balance, getting a top-notch DUI trial attorney may be the difference between driving and not driving. For CDL (commercial) drivers and people who must travel and rent cars at their destination, this is a catastrophic disaster. Trying to win back your driver’s license is a major step in a DUI/DWI case. Give your DUI attorney as much advance notice as possible to try to win this important administrative license hearing.