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Multiple DUIs Mean Stiffer DUI Penalties

If you are facing your second or more DUI conviction, you need a highly-qualified and battle-tested DUI lawyer to handle your potential DUI felony case. That’s right, almost always a first DUI offense is classified as a misdemeanor, if there were no injuries or deaths. But if you now have been classified as a multiple DUI offender, your additional DUIs can be charged as felony DUIs. This is where a highly-skilled DUI attorney is mandatory if you want to avoid lengthy jail time and thousands of dollars in court fines, DUI school fees, ignition interlock devices, and community service expenses.

The worst case scenario is to have multiple DUI charges stemming from one DUI arrest. How does that happen? One way is if you have children in the car when you were pulled over. Regardless of if they are your children or someone else’s kids, police will charge you with one additional DUI per child. Police may also charge you with child endangerment, a very serious charge that judges and prosecutors despise. Even if there were children involved at your DUI arrest, and no matter how devastated you are, our serious DUI lawyers have successfully represented multiple DUI clients. And we are very sensitive to how much pain you are experiencing, and how much shame and guilt you may feel.

Our DUI Attorneys Will Get You Professional Help

Another common way to face multiple DUI charges is to get back to back DUIs, usually within weeks or months of each other. We have seen a lot of clients get a second DUI soon after a first DUI. Maybe a client feels that bad luck cannot happen twice so fast. Maybe you just don’t care at this point. Multiple DUIs, especially back to back arrests, can indicate a problem with alcohol or drug addiction. Our caring DUI attorneys all have a network of alcohol and drug addiction resources that you can turn to for help. Your local DUI lawyer will work with you and your family to get help.

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