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DUI Immigration Law

If you are an alien in the United States and are convicted of DUI, DUI immigration law dictates that your DUI conviction can jeopardize your green card or your naturalization application. If you are applying for a green card, your application can be denied because of your DUI conviction. If you already hold a green card, or are applying for a green card renewal, you could lose it if you’re found deportable based on your DUI conviction.

How Does a DUI Conviction Affect Immigration Status?

Your pending immigration status can be stopped by a DUI conviction. And immigration laws get much more severe if this is your second DUI or more, or you already lost your driving privileges but drove anyway and got arrested again. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DRIVE WITH A SUSPENDED OR REVOKED DRIVER’S LICENSE! Even the best DUI attorney will have a very difficult time fighting for your right to get into this country, and to legally stay.

DUI Deportation – Don’t Risk It

If you knowingly drive with a suspended or cancelled driver’s license, and you get arrested for DUI, then your crime can be viewed as a “Crime Involving Moral Turpitude,” or “CIMT.” A DUI conviction classified as a CIMT can lead to DEPORTATION of any alien. Multiple convictions for DUI can also lead to deportation for committing a CIMT. These are confusing and life-altering legal matters – call a highly-skilled DUI lawyer who understands DUI criminal convictions and their effect on immigration status and deportation. Your DUI attorney also can bring in a highly-qualified immigration lawyer to create a winning legal team for you and your family.

Habitual Drunkard Immigration

U.S. law requires all citizenship applicants to have “good moral character.” In prior court rulings a “habitual drunkard” does not have good moral character. A string of DUI convictions could be interpreted as a sign of habitual drinking. Thus, a naturalization application could be denied if the applicant has more than one DUI conviction. If you caused death, personal injury or property damages, the immigration courts hand down much more severe penalties that may include deportation.

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Atlanta DUI lawyer William C. Head

Atlanta DUI lawyer William C. Head
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