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Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

Drug and Alcohol EvaluationDrug and Alcohol Evaluation After A DUI Arrest

Drug and alcohol evaluation can be a mandatory part of your DUI sentencing, or you and your DUI attorney may decide to complete this evaluation before your DUI trial starts. Sometimes a DUI arrest can be a very public sign that you need help with a drinking or drug addiction problem. You have nothing to be ashamed of, and in fact, you will show rare courage by admitting you have a drug addiction or alcohol addiction problem. It is estimated that over 7 million people in America suffer from alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Both addictions are classified as diseases by the American Medical Association (AMA). You may have a disease that gets progressively worse as you age, and definitely can cause huge problems in all areas of our life.

The first step to recovery is to get a drug and alcohol evaluation done as soon as possible. A Certified Addiction Counselor, or CAC, will meet with you one on one, or with you and a family member to assess if you have a deeper addiction problem. These drug and alcohol counselors are highly trained professionals who can help you find alcohol and drug treatment programs near you. The slang for these programs is “rehab,” and almost weekly you can read about some celebrity going “into rehab.” Thousands of good people seek drug addiction treatment and alcohol treatment every day. Our highly-experienced and caring DUI attorneys can give you a list of local drug and alcohol counselors that they can confidently recommend to you.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation – Drug and Alcohol Classes

As part of your DUI conviction sentencing, a judge may order that you attend state-certified drug and alcohol classes. State-certified programs are required by your judge. If you complete these addiction classes them before your DUI trial, completion of drug and alcohol courses may be leveraged by your DUI attorney for plea bargaining purposes.

You may also have to attend drug and alcohol classes because you failed an employee drug test or you were on DUI probation and failed a drug test or alcohol screening.

Talk to a well-known DUI attorney in your area right now. He or she will guide you to the best state-certified drug and alcohol classes closest to you. Call 1-888-839-4384 day or night.

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