Ignition Interlock

Ignition Interlock Mandatory

An ignition interlock prevents you from driving while intoxicated. Here’s how: Before your car will start, you must blow into a breath test machine to prove your blood alcohol content, or BAC, is zero. The breath test machine electronically connects to your car’s engine. If you fail the ignition interlock breath test, your car will not start. An ignition interlock device may be required as part of your overall DUI penalties if you are convicted of DUI. Every one of our top-reviewed DUI lawyers will fight every step of the way to prevent a DUI conviction.

Ignition interlocks can be a mandatory penalty even for first DUI offenders. You bear the cost of installation and monthly monitoring, and you have to periodically return to the installation shop to download your BAC results. It is a hassle and consumes a lot of valuable time. Typical costs for an ignition interlock range between $65 – $95 per month for monitoring. If you cannot afford this, some states have an indigent fund set up to help you cover the costs.

Ignition Interlocks Cannot Be Tricked!

Do not try to override or trick the ignition interlock. Some people get their friend to blow into the breath tester. Others will use a leaf blower to blow into the machine! These ideas will not work. The ignition interlock has been calibrated to recognize your breath’s rate of flow and pressure. And even if you are successful at getting your car started, you are still required to periodically breathe into the ignition interlock as you travel down the road. These checks are random, so do not drink and drive! If you fail a moving breath test, the system is wired so that your car horn will blare out non-stop, and your headlights will constantly flash. This is designed to attract the attention of a police officer, who has been trained to recognize these DUI clues.