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Georgia DUI laws and the related GA DUI penalties become more severe with each passing year. Georgia, like every state in the Union, is pressured by the federal government to enact and enforce strict DUI laws. If Georgia does not comply, the State will lose valuable federal grants. These DUI laws are passed by the GA State Legislature, and every judge and prosecutor in Georgia is held to these high standards. Every Georgia DUI judge is monitored to see how many DUI convictions they record each year, and a judge’s “win rate” has an impact, especially during re-election years. Since Georgia DUI laws change every year based on recent court case decisions, you must retain a top-reviewed Georgia DUI lawyer to represent you in Atlanta Municipal Court, Alpharetta GA Municipal Court, Marietta Municipal Court, Cobb County State Court, Gwinnett County State Court, Fulton County State Court, Savannah DUI court, Macon DUI court, Columbus GA DUI court, and in any of the 1,000 DUI courts in Georgia.

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The legal blood alcohol content level, or BAC, for Georgia is the same in all 50 states: 0.08% BAC for drivers 21 and over, and 0.02 for underage drivers. Pressure from groups like MADD will continue to push the legal BAC limit down below 0.08%. If you were pulled over by a Georgia patrol car, and you took a roadside breath test and “blew” a 0.08% or higher, the Georgia police officer can arrest you for drunk driving. The officer may ask you to perform field sobriety tests, like the “walk and turn,” the “horizontal gaze nystagmus test,” or the “one-leg stand.” In Georgia these roadside tests are VOLUNTARY. You can politely decline to take these sobriety tests. Remember, anything you do or say after being pulled over for suspicion of a Georgia DUI, is being recorded by the officer’s dashcam. This police DUI video will be handed over to the Georgia prosecutor and used as hard evidence against you.

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Georgia DUI laws are meant to cause enough pain so that you won’t drive impaired ever again. And the more Georgia DUIs you get, or if injuries or death occur as a result of your drunk driving, you face hard jail time and stiffer penalties. Do not plead guilty to a Georgia DUI without first talking to a deeply-experienced Georgia DUI lawyer who knows every Georgia DUI prosecutor and judge, and who knows the absolute latest GA DUI laws.

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