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A veteran Cobb County DUI attorney can make the difference between a damaging Georgia DUI conviction on your permanent criminal record, and a reduction to a lesser traffic offense or an outright acquittal of all charges. The best Georgia DUI attorneys have decades of successful drunk driving defense experience, including extensive trial lawyer experience in Cobb County State Court. This courthouse is located off Historic Marietta Square. The address is 12 E. Park Square, Marietta, GA 30009. The phone number is (770) 528-1200.

The current Cobb County Solicitor General is Barry Morgan, who has a team of assistant prosecutors assigned to misdemeanor DUI and felony DUI cases. Immediately after your drunk driving arrest, the prosecutor’s office begins to receive all the police evidence gathered in your case. This evidence includes DUI breath test results, DUI blood test results if a blood test was ordered, and the police video that captured all events from initial pullover to your performance on the field sobriety tests.

Cobb County DUI Attorney

If you were arrested in Cobb County for driving impaired in the last 48 hours, you currently may feel that the State of GA has a solid case against you, and that you have zero chance at fighting for your innocence. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Many of our former clients who thought all was hopeless made the crucial decision to retain us and fight it out to the end. We know how to beat a DUI in Cobb County.

Our Cobb County DUI attorneys do not advise their clients to meekly walk into the first court appearance and plead guilty to drunk driving. An arrest is not a conviction – not by a long shot.

Please realize that more than 85% of Georgia DUI cases never go to trial. This means that the State’s DUI conviction rate is over 85% as well. In Cobb County, as in all 159 Georgia counties, the local court system is overwhelmed with new impaired driving cases. It would be physically impossible to bring all defendants to trial. Cobb County prosecutors and judges are charged with keeping the court calendar moving along while also protecting Cobb County citizens from drunk drivers. It is a tough job, with public scrutiny at a high level.

The prosecutor’s office does a thorough job on each new case, and comes to court fully prepared to obtain a conviction. That is why our veteran criminal defense attorneys must be equally prepared to challenge the State’s evidence at every turn, and must know the specific Georgia DUI laws that apply in your case. Case law changes all the time, and your attorney will quote previously-decided court decisions in an unrelenting effort to protect your freedom.

Georgia ALS 10 Day Letter

In a drunk driving or drugged driving case, the Georgia 10 Day Rule applies. This means the GA Department of Driver Services (DDS) will begin an Automatic License Suspension, or ALS, against you immediately. If you fail to file a timely appeal, the DDS may suspend your driver’s license for up to 12 months before your criminal case gets started. We can stop this license suspension by filing a letter of appeal within 10 business days of your arrest. The cost to file an appeal is a $150 filing fee. This fee is mandated and set by the State, and all Cobb County law firms will pass along the same fee amount. Call us at 844-832-6384 to stop this ALS process immediately. You will need a valid GA driver’s license to legally drive and get to your court dates more easily.

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Cobb County DUI Attorney Qualifications

As you do an internet search for the best DUI attorneys, pay close attention to each candidate’s impaired driving case experience, industry ratings, and client reviews. You want to find a criminal attorney who specializes in DUI defense, and not one who only dabbles in this highly specialized field of criminal law. Drunk driving charges are by far the most common criminal charges that Georgians face. Remember, it is not illegal to drink and drive. But it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle and be intoxicated to the point where your blood alcohol content, or BAC, is at or above 0.08%.

This is the legal BAC limit for drivers aged 21 and over. If you were charged with underage DUI, this means you are a driver aged 21 or under, and your legal alcohol limit was 0.02% or more. The minimum BAC level for commercial GA drivers is currently 0.04%. Our veteran criminal defense attorneys represent each of these three types of drivers in both misdemeanor DUI and felony DUI cases in Cobb County.

As you read through an attorney’s website, look for stellar industry ratings from AVVO and Martindale-Hubbell. Criminal attorneys are rated by these companies each year, and a score of “9” or higher indicate a high level of professionalism and positive client reviews. Typically an attorney’s website will display ratings badges from these professional review services.

Also read through as many client reviews as you can. Of course you will only see positive reviews, but they will give you a feel for the attorney’s reputation and prior success in court.

Ask the attorney as many questions as you want. One of the crucial questions to ask is how many DUI cases the defense attorney has defended at trial, either by a jury or by a judge. A trial where a judge decides your guilt or innocence is called a bench trial. Your attorney will recommend a bench trial over a jury trial when the facts of your case are more technical, and can more easily be argued in front of someone with a legal background.

Have Patience As Your Case Winds Through Cobb County State Court

A thoroughly defended driving under the influence case can take up to 2 years to be resolved. From your first arraignment to the final plea, there are many steps to the process.

Your attorney spends a lot of time reviewing all your case details in a relentless effort to uncover arrest errors or other favorable facts that can lead to a reduction in charges or even an outright acquittal. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The most successful DUI defenses unfold over many months, and the defense strategies change because of rulings made by the judge on pre-trial motions. And the courts operate on their own time schedule, with delays and continuances a daily occurrence. If you have ever faced charges in a criminal court, you know that many trials are scheduled in any given week. To you and to your attorney, your driving impaired case is the most important one.

But to a Cobb County prosecution team, your case is one of hundreds that pass through their office, so trying to schedule a backlog of proceedings is a delicate task. Have patience with the process and you will stand a much better chance at winning.

A Top-Rated Cobb County DUI Attorney is Ready to Talk With You Anytime

Our veteran Cobb County DUI attorneys answer the phone 24/7, every day of the year. DUI arrests happen at any time of the day or night, and getting you out of jail and back home safely is our top priority. Being booked into the Cobb County Adult Detention Center on County Services Pkwy in Marietta is a traumatic experience, and communication with the outside world is not made easy. We can help. We know how the bail bond process works and can speed up your release. If you are already home or back at work reading this, call us for a free consultation plus get a FREE PDF copy of our 430-page “The DUI Book: A Citizen’s Guide to Understanding DUI – DWI Litigation in America (National Edition)”.

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