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Roswell, Georgia Municipal Court

If you were arrested in Roswell, GA for driving while impaired, your DUI case will be heard by a judge in Roswell Municipal Court, located at 38 Hill Street, Roswell, GA 30075. The phone number is (770) 641-3790. You may be required to appear before a judge as early as the next day after your drunk driving arrest.

Roswell Municipal Court

Roswell Municipal Court

Many traffic offense cases are prosecuted each year in this court, including driving under the influence of alcohol, DUI drugs, reckless driving, speeding, and hit and run. When you appear in court, you will likely see many other defendants sitting on the court benches, some with a Roswell DUI lawyer consulting with them, but most appearing without an attorney.

One of our experienced Roswell DUI attorneys will be happy to explain the court proceedings to you, and will confidently represent you during this bewildering time.

Roswell Municipal Court Arraignment

Typically, your first court date is called an arraignment, and the day and time you are first due in court will be printed on your traffic citation. At this court appearance the judge will ask if you want to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. A veteran lawyer will enter a plea of not guilty on your behalf so he or she can obtain all Roswell police evidence the State plans to use against you. At each stage of your DUI case, your criminal defense attorney will recommend which action to take, but the final decision is always yours. Based on decades of successful DUI defense, our impaired driving lawyers know the best means of winning a reduction in charges, or even a dismissal.

No matter if you have never stepped foot into Roswell Municipal Court, or you are familiar with the proceedings because of prior DUI convictions, one of our well-known drunk driving lawyers sitting at your table can make a huge difference in the resolution of your case.

Follow All Court Rules

When you meet with a top Roswell law firm, a DUI defense attorney will explain court rules and proper etiquette in a joint effort for a favorable outcome in your case. Judges expect proper behavior in the courtroom: no cell phone usage, no working on laptops or tablets, and no loud talking. You should dress conservatively, and you absolutely must arrive on time. On any day that you are due in court, make plans to be there all day. Your DUI case, unlike a doctor’s appointment, cannot be scheduled at a certain hour. You must wait patiently like everyone else.

You do not have to appear in person! Our well-known drunk driving lawyers will attend court dates in your place as much as possible. Your lawyer will enter a not guilty plea at your arraignment. You do, however, have to be there in person to enter your final plea.

Always be attentive to all court proceedings. It is a good idea to take notes and see how the judge, the prosecutors, and your Georgia attorney interact. Also watch the other lawyers in the room and try to hear what is said. The judge, the prosecution team, the court staff, and the police officers all command respect. Being polite and respectful will give you an advantage and will help your lawyer steer your case in your favor.

No Jury Trials Are Conducted in This Court

If you and your attorney are not able to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecutor, and you want your case to go to trial, you have the option of a bench trial which will take place in the Municipal Court. A bench trial is where the judge hears your case and decides guilt or innocence. The current Roswell judge is Judge Brian Hansford. If it becomes clear that a jury trial is your best shot, your case will be removed to Fulton State Court in the Justice Center Tower, 185 Central Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30303. This is in downtown Atlanta. A DUI jury trial consists of 6 jurors and not twelve.

The same criminal defense attorney that started your case will also represent you during your jury trial. Our attorneys know both the Roswell court system and the Fulton court system very well. We have cases transferred downtown all the time. It is very important that you retain the same lawyer throughout your case. A lot of hours have been put into building the strongest DUI defense for you, and changing attorneys mid-stream is not recommended. Our top-rated drunk driving attorneys have decades of trial experience and are at home in Fulton State Court.

Copyright 2016, by nationally-recognized DUI lawyer William C. Head. Author of books on Georgia DUI law for a quarter of a century.