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Fulton County DUI Lawyer

A Fulton County DUI arrest is truly a life-changing event, and your immediate action should be to find a veteran Fulton County DUI Lawyer to begin fighting the charges against you. Spending a night in the Fulton County Jail is not pleasant. As soon as you get home, your mailbox will begin to fill with mail from Georgia DUI lawyers who make a living by taking on many cases, only to have clients plead guilty at the arraignment.

DUI Lawyer in Fulton County

Our top highly-specialized criminal defense attorneys are tireless in crafting the strongest drunk driving defenses, and we work countless hours successfully defending clients who must appear in Fulton County Traffic Court. We know the Fulton judicial courts very well, and we are well-known as tenacious fighters. The Fulton County police department, including special DUI task forces, are aggressively patrolling Atlanta streets to arrest drunk drivers, including setting up DUI checkpoints along busy Atlanta roadways.

Fulton County DUI Lawyer

All top Fulton County DUI lawyers have different legal practices and strategies for defending cases. Every attorney have a State of Georgia Bar license, but may have very little experience in facing a tough prosecutor at trial. Some lawyers mostly handle domestic violence cases, drug crimes, or felony charges. Occasionally an impaired driving case comes across their desk, and a minimal defense is raised. This is not the time to meekly plead guilty to your charges and be subjected to lifelong penalties.

A Veteran Fulton County DUI Lawyer Investigates Every Shred of Evidence

To successfully challenge a DUI arrest in Fulton County State Court, your attorney performs a thorough criminal investigation, builds a plan of attack, and files specific pre-trial motions that can exclude police evidence and initiate discovery requests.
Atlanta DUI Lawyer Bubba Head

Many criminal defense attorneys take on a lot of cases and then just have their clients plead out to a “guilty” disposition. These high-volume firms are fine for clients who either lack the funds to fight a criminal case with a private attorney, or who take drunk driving charges too lightly. A GA DUI is a serious traffic offense even if it is your first one.

To get the stark facts about current Georgia DUI penalties, read through Fulton County DUI lawyer William C. Head’s 97 Consequences of a Georgia DUI Conviction. It may change your mind about the harsh impact of DUI penalties, and the lifetime of consequences of a drunk driving conviction. To see more Fulton County DUI lawyers, visit
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