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DeKalb County DUI Lawyer

Dekalb-Police-HEAT-CarA Georgia DUI charge is a complicated criminal offense, and one that requires a smart DeKalb County DUI lawyer by your side in DeKalb County State Court. All GA criminal attorneys have different legal experience and ways of handling DUI cases. Each attorney possesses a State of Georgia Bar license, but their law practices are not always focused on drunk driving case law.
Some handle drug possession cases, domestic violence cases, or theft cases. Occasionally an impaired driving case comes across their desk, and the lawyer tries his or her best to provide a decent defense. This is not the criminal attorney you want fighting for your constitutional rights!

Our DeKalb County DUI lawyers specialize in Georgia DUI defense, and we have spent our entire careers fighting for citizens who find themselves arrested by DeKalb County Police or the Georgia NightHawks. We know the DeKalb court system, we have worked successfully with all of the judges and prosecutors, and we have earned a solid reputation as criminal law experts.

The time and effort a drunk driving attorney puts into defending your case can make the difference between a guilty or not guilty verdict. Since drunk driving lawyers charge fees for their legal time, years of experience, and legal expertise, expect big differences in legal fee quotes when comparing local attorneys.

DeKalb Police, including special DUI task forces, are dedicated to stopping drunk drivers on county roads. Prosecutors open hundreds of new cases each year, and a huge majority of accused citizens plead guilty at their first arraignment, or seek the services of a public defender.

A DeKalb County DUI Lawyer Must Be Thorough and Patient

To successfully challenge a DUI arrest in State Court of DeKalb County or DeKalb County DUI Court, your lawyer must conduct a thorough case investigation, review all relevant arrest details, and also draft and file targeted pre-trial motions that can exclude police evidence and discovery requests. A DUI case can take months or even years to reach a verdict, and many court dates get postponed due to scheduling conflicts and time for a judge to rule on motions.

Our top DeKalb County law firm’s contested cases can take over 35 hours of attorney time, plus additional hours for legal staff, expert witness time, and private investigator time.

When you decide on an attorney, he or she will ask you a long list of questions, and have you fill out a detailed intake form. Please be patient with this request, and write down every detail you can remember about that night. Since memories fade fast, it is very important that you find a top criminal attorney as soon as possible after you get home from DeKalb County Jail. The more you recall, the better your chances at winning in court.

Georgia 10 Day Letter – Act Quickly!

Within 10 business days of your arrest, the Georgia DDS can suspend your driver’s license for up to 12 months. This is a civil procedure that is totally different from your criminal case. This administrative license suspension, or ALS hearing, is conducted by the DDS. This government agency was notified electronically of your arrest, and they will immediately begin the license suspension. Your attorney’s office will file an appeal letter and request a hearing to stop this debilitating penalty.

To get the stark facts about current Georgia DUI penalties, read through Atlanta DUI lawyer William C. Head’s 97 Consequences of a DUI Conviction. It may change your mind about the harsh impact of a drunk driving conviction, and the lifetime of hassle it brings.

Copyright 2016, by William C. Head, Atlanta, GA. Author of books on DUI law for a quarter of a century.

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