DUI Georgia Lawyer

A DUI Georgia lawyer is a highly-specialized criminal defense attorney whose only focus should be on winning drunk driving cases for clients. As you search for the best DUI lawyer for your case, do not just quickly glance through a few websites or read through some of the solicitations you will receive in the mail within days of your impaired driving arrest. What you are looking for is a veteran attorney who thoroughly knows Georgia DUI law and is well-versed in the latest case law. Who you don’t want is a general criminal defense attorney who dabbles in drunk driving defense, someone who makes a living by getting clients to plead guilty at their first arraignment.

If you want someone who will fight tooth and nail to get your charges reduced or your case dismissed, you will find that person on DrunkDrivingDefense.com. This national lawyer directory was founded by Atlanta DUI attorney William C. Head, a nationally-known DUI expert.

DUI Georgia Lawyer William C. Head

DUI Georgia Lawyer William C. Head

Mr. Head has written many books on Georgia DUI law, and has represented thousands of relieved clients over a 30-year legal career.

Only the absolute best DUI attorneys are invited to list their services in this directory. If you desperately need a no-nonsense attorney in Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Columbus, or North GA, Mr. Head will set you up with a top-reviewed lawyer who will be in court with you on day 1. Mr. Head has built up many deep relationships over his storied career, and is called in to handle the toughest drunk driving cases including repeat DUI offenders, felony DUIs with injuries, and child endangerment cases.

He will recommend a solid attorney that will work with you on a payment plan.

The best DUI Georgia law firms have attorneys with varying levels of experience, and they will talk over your case and recommend which one of their attorneys most closely matches up with your situation and your personality. Even if you decide not to hire the top attorney at a particular firm, the firm’s impeccable reputation will be a major benefit. All attorneys in a firm work together on your case. The best legal defense minds will gather together to strategize the best DUI defense for you.

The field of DUI defense changes daily. New judges are appointed, new prosecutors replace departing ones, and new court rulings in other pending cases influence the judge in your case. These are both Georgia DUI cases and other cases around the country. A lot of hours will go into your defense, including a thorough review of the questionnaire you fill out where we ask you to write down every detail about your arrest that you can remember. No detail is minor.

There are hundreds of ways to attack the State’s evidence and procedures. The police are committed to following strict legal procedures, from reading you your Georgia implied consent notice without unnecessary delay, to allowing you to obtain an independent blood test at your expense.

Please call us at 844-832-6384 and give yourself a fighting chance at reduced charges or an acquittal. If you don’t decide to retain our services, in a 20 minute call you will learn a lot more about what you have to do next and how the whole process unfolds. A DUI Georgia case can go on for many months before being resolved, and patience with the process always is the smart move to make. Keeping you legally driving as your case unfolds is our number one priority. We are here around the clock.