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DUI Cost Long Term Financial Impact of a DUI

How Much Does a DUI Cost?

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DUI Cost - How Much Does a DUI Cost? - DrunkDrivingDefense.comMany potential clients ask us, “What does a DUI cost?” The total cost of a DUI has risen significantly in the last two decades due to fines and surcharges being increased by State legislatures. Adding on an assessment or surcharge to a DUI conviction helps raise more taxes for the State government.

DUI Cost – Out-of-Pocket Costs If Convicted

Other pages of this website cover attorney fees, the long-term impact of a DUI conviction, and possible lost opportunity costs of DUI. But some immediate DUI cost items for any DUI include:

  • Fines, assessments, and surcharges as high as $10,000
  • License reinstatements costs
  • Possible restitution for property damage or medical bills
  • Unpaid time off from work when you are in court or in jail
  • Airline flight or mileage costs if your arrest was in another state
  • Tuition fees for DUI classes
  • Ignition Interlock Device installation and monthly monitoring fees
  • Time and transportation costs to get to and from community service (taxi, Uber™, family member)
  • Much higher car insurance rates (varies depending on State laws)
  • Public transportation fares if you lose your driver’s license

A DUI conviction will be a hardship for many years. You will have to tell future employers about your DUI. Certain colleges can deny admissions because of a DUI. Most major car rental companies will not rent a car to you, which is an embarrassing situation to explain to your boss or HR department. You may be put on DUI probation and have to pay a monthly probation supervision fee. You will have to pay a driver’s license reinstatement fee. To learn the full cost of a DUI, read through veteran Atlanta DUI lawyer William C. Head’s “97 Consequences of a DUI Conviction.” It may surprise you how many DUI penalties and DUI consequences can come your way.

Call one of our top DUI lawyers anytime day or night at 1-888-839-4384 and discuss your many options. Or email Mr. Head at to get the contact information for a top DWI-DUI lawyer in your court location. Your first consultation is free, and you will learn a lot more about the quality of your DUI arrest, your possible defenses, your chances to obtain a possible reduction to reckless driving, and many more proven ways to fight your DUI case.

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Atlanta DUI lawyer William C. Head
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