Best Lawyers in Atlanta DUI

The best lawyers in Atlanta DUI all have decades of specialized DUI defense experience, and have represented thousands of relieved clients that faced severe Georgia DUI penalties. Our team of drunk driving attorneys have been called in to handle the most difficult and complex cases that involved repeat felony DUIs, injuries, child endangerment, and even vehicular homicide. All of this combined experience is available to every one of our Atlanta clients, including first DUI misdemeanor cases. We take DUI defense very seriously, and our vetted list of local lawyers includes former cops and judges.

If you conducted your own internet search, asked family and friends for recommendations, and looked through the national lawyer rating services, the same three or four top Atlanta attorneys will pop up. One of these elite criminal defense lawyers is William C. Head, also known as Bubba Head. Mr. Head is nationally-known and has consistently ranked as one of the best lawyers in Atlanta DUI. A veteran attorney for over 30 years, Mr. Head has fought and won major battles in all of Atlanta’s courts, including Atlanta Municipal Court, Fulton County State Court, and Fulton County Superior Court. Mr. Head has personally selected every one of the attorneys in our directory, and has known each one for years. We present only the best lawyers in Atlanta and the North Georgia area, attorneys that fight for client rights every single day.

If you were arrested for drunk driving in Atlanta, you may receive unsolicited offers in the mail from different criminal law attorneys. These attorneys get access to Georgia arrest records and auto-generate mail to all new defendants. While these offers are helpful, please read them carefully and then go online to further your search. An Atlanta drunk driving charge is a very serious traffic offense, and an ultimate conviction will follow you for life. Please know that over 90% of GA DUI cases end in a conviction. This is because a lot of people walk into their arraignment and simply plead guilty as charged.

Our clients never plead guilty! Too many successful DUI defenses exist to give up from the start. Before you head to court, give us a call and tell us what happened. Your first consultation is free, and you can reach us at 844-832-6384 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You need to act quickly because the Georgia DDS can suspend your driver’s license up to 12 months in a separate civil proceeding. We will file an appeal letter to stop this process, but we only have 10 business days to do so.