Tennessee DUI Penalties

Tennessee DUI penalties get more severe with each passing year. Due to pressure from political groups like MADD, you can expect more jail time, extended DUI probation, and no driving of any vehicle for months or even years. Even if this is your first DUI, you face serious and life-long penalties like job loss, damaging background checks, limited or no driving, and community service. Your plan of attack should start with being acquitted of DUI charges, or reducing your DUI to a lesser charge like “wet reckless.”

Do not give in and plead guilty to a Tennessee DUI! Even if your blood alcohol content, or BAC level, is way over the limit, and the police video of your arrest shows you stumbling and incoherent, your DUI arrest still can be overturned.

If you face a first DUI arrest, do not take these charges lightly. Your friends may tell you a Tennessee first DUI is “no big deal” and you don’t need a DUI lawyer, but in today’s legal world, this is bad advice. First time DUIs carry mandatory penalties that are very restrictive, costly, and embarrassing. Do not represent yourself.

Tennessee DUI prosecutors are trained to make you look trip up on the stand. You will have a very difficult time proving your innocence.

Here are the current TN DUI Penalties based on how many DUIs you have:
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DUI Penalties Can Be Reduced or Eliminated

Tennessee DUI penalties are harsh, even for first DUI offenders. A strong Tennessee DUI lawyer will fight to reduce or drop all your DUI charges, no matter how damaging the police evidence. Many pre-trial motions can be filed to postpone your DUI court appearances, and eventually exclude damaging police evidence that can lead to your conviction of a Tennessee DUI.

Never be intimidated, never give up, and hire a professional TN DUI lawyer right away. Tennessee DUI penalties are very harsh, so the goal is to reduce your DUI to a lesser charge.