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Tennessee DUI Jail Time

Tennessee DUI Jail Time

Tennessee DUI laws now require jail time even for a first DUI offense. The length of jail time is from 48 hours to 150 days in jail MINIMUM. This is a wide variation in length of sentence because it all depends on how serious your DUI arrest was. Did you cause an accident? Were you involved in a hit and run? Did anyone get injured or die? Were you under the influence of both alcohol and drugs? Did you run from the police after you saw lights and heard sirens?

A Tennessee DUI lawyer near you will weigh every piece of police evidence, and talk to you in a FREE first consultation to decide the best way to fight your TN DUI charges. You do not want to go to jail! It is dangerous, and you can get fired from your current job. If you have kids, your spouse will not want to bring them to see you – it is way too scary for kids to see you in an orange jumpsuit and possibly in handcuffs.

The best way to avoid DUI jail time is to find a Tennessee DUI lawyer who can stop DUI clients from going to jail. Instead of jail time a DUI lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor to substitute jail time for community service, loss of driver’s license, or probation. Always remember that a Tennessee judge has to follow federal DUI minimum sentencing guidelines when handing down your DUI penalties.

Even the most deeply-experienced DUI lawyer cannot get your DUI charges lessened below the federal minimum.

Your best option is to get your Tennessee DUI attorney to get your DUI charge reduced to reckless driving or wet reckless. A reduction in DUI charges is a major victory, especially if the DUI police video of your arrest is damaging, and your blood alcohol content is way over the legal limit.

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