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Lawyers for Truckers: CDL Trucking Lawyers, USA Law Firms

Lawyers for Truckers: CDL Trucking Lawyers, USA Law Firms

A commercial driver in today’s transportation industry aggressive oversight environment MUST contest all motor vehicle offenses, and especially any major traffic violations. A professional driver knows that all traffic violations pose a threat to that operator’s livelihood and being able to feed his or her family and pay the monthly bills.

The majority of our CDL lawyers find that our CMV (commercial motor vehicle) clients come to us for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or impaired by a controlled substance (whether prescribed or contraband, such as marijuana or speed). Because all states have implied consent laws that can cause an immediate seizure of a driver’s plastic CDL license, any continued commercial rig driving without that important CDL license is a federally prohibited act.

A huge red flag goes up with any OUI-DUI (operating under the influence or driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated) arrests. When the driver is a CDL holder, it does not matter whether she or her is behind the wheel of a commercial truck or simply driving a private passenger vehicle or motorcycle, when arrested for driving impaired.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration -

Other universally utilized statutes exist in all states that call for serious consequences, if convicted for committing in an 18-wheeler (or other CMV). Attempting to elude and officer of the law, reckless driving and hit & run. Also, for CDL operators, operating your vehicle with a revoked license is a major offense.

Rarely are we asked to defend a commercial driver charged with the commission of a felony, but some smuggling cases put our clients at an extreme risk of decades in a state or federal prison. In addition, almost every state’s vehicular manslaughter (homicide by vehicle) laws can be predicated on reckless driving, even when no alcohol or drugs is part of the forensic evidence gathered after a fatal crash.

Whether dealing with trucking accidents or an excessive speed violation, or in connection with a fatal highway crash with car accident, our hand-picked truck accident attorneys are up to the task of defending you.

This warning equally applies a CDL license holder’s private vehicle citation as well as when operating as a CDL driver. This national website of attorneys for truck drivers is dedicated to setting you up to quickly find and confer with a skilled commercial truck driver attorney, in a FREE initial consultation.

Having a Nationwide Network of Truck Driver Lawyers Near Me

A federally regulated CDL license holder in today’s aggressive oversight environment MUST contest any motor vehicle offenses which generate points against his or her CDL permit. Due to ever-increasing CSA (compliance, safety, accountability) mandates, this necessity for a clean record puts a premium upon finding and hiring top truckers’ legal services when facing the potential loss of your CDL license.

CDL drivers who get a DUI run the risk of losing their commercial driver's license. Before you do anything else call 404-567-5515 and speak to a GA CDL DUI lawyer today.

No misdemeanor or felony legal matter (state and federal) is beyond our scope of professional expertise. Our DUI-OWI lawyers know that other non-moving citations in a CMV (commercial motor vehicle), and many other potential DOT violations (e.g., operating a haz mat unit without a hazardous materials decal, logbook irregularities) must be challenged by experienced lawyers for our truck driver clients.

Providing CDL Legal Help and 24-Hour Trucker Legal Services. If you are seeking a CDL traffic ticket lawyer near me, our lawyers travel statewide to defend our clients. Because you cannot drive while using your cell phone, you need a rapid response for any tractor trailer accident, speeding tickets, or federal motor carrier safety citations you receive while operating your large truck.

Connected to in-state and out-of-state lawyers for truck drivers near me. Plus, over the last three decades, our directory founder has connected with CDL lawyers in all states. In doing so, that helped to build a national network of other legal professionals who handle CDL legal problems for semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Commercial Trucking Attorneys Near Me in All States Across America

Our DUI legal directory has trucker lawyers who have (on average) over two decades collective years of courtroom experience in their respective states, and many for over 30 years. Because most of our clients with a commercial driver license are the breadwinners in their family, our legal professionals know how critical it is to fight to obtain great results and keep our client commercial vehicle driving, in most cases.

Our trucking defense attorneys are legal professionals across America who are legal award-winning lawyers that represent truck drivers and other CDL license holders (i.e., bus drivers, and DOT-sanctioned passenger transport vans, school bus operators).

In addition to our legal industry awards and recognitions, many of our website’s lawyers are legal book authors and seminar speakers at driving while intoxicated seminars. They teach other less-experienced criminal lawyers how to defend serious driving offenses in multiple nationally published law books.

Beyond DWI-DUI defense, some other legal matters that a CDL traffic attorney from our USA directory can defend for you:

(1) possession of illegal drugs;

(2) having an open container of alcohol in a commercial rig, which can add points to your driving record, and then be picked up by the FMCSA;

(3) help you to obtain a diversion, a dismissal or a reduction of charges for a minor truck crash that happened in bumper-to-bumper interstate rush hour accidents;

(4) charges of possession of prohibited firearms and similar legal issues under varying state laws on firearm possession;

(5) defending felony smuggling cases that not only threaten your driving privileges, but also your freedom.

You Need a Commercial Driver Lawyer Who Offers a Free Consultation

Accrued demerit points (under FMCSA directives) will severely curtail any DCL driver’s employability. Being sidelined from your CDL job derails your ability to feed and support your family.

Entrusting our CDL lawyers near me to fight to protect your job is equivalent to protecting your earning power, since most commercial driver’s license CDL privileges. If you are seeking aggressive legal help from a CDL attorney litigation team of lawyers for truckers’ rights, you have come to the right website.

Will my CDL license be suspended if I am convicted of DUI?

Multiple Serious Driving Violations Will Sideline Your CDL Privileges

Although penalties vary from state to state, the following information from our three commercial truck driver lawyers will give you a general understanding of the most common traffic violations among truck drivers who are issues traffic citations.

By far, the most common serious, criminal traffic law case that our DWI-DUI attorneys defend for CDL operators is drunk driving or drugged driving. Plus, your commercial track record and CSA score can affect your availability for the most lucrative future employment opportunities. Also, beyond intoxicated driving, these other traffic crimes can impact your ability to drive a commercial truck.

  • Violating a reckless driving (RD) law in any state (or an equivalent statute by a different name, such as “driving to endanger,” or “criminal speeding,”) under most states’ statutes;
  • Failure to comply with the rules for fully stopping at any railroad crossing, to look both ways for oncoming trains;
  • Not having your state-issued plastic CDL license in your possession while behind the wheel of a CMV;
  • Mobile device laws are almost universally in place in all states, plus the FMCSA prohibits texting while driving or holding any mobile device or cellular telephone while operating a commercial vehicle.
  • Any motor vehicle accident (MVA) resulting in a fatality. These crashes may include instances when other vehicles divert around your truck and then crash without impacting your rig, in some instances.
  • A speeding citation for traveling at 15 miles per hour or more above the posted limit;

Georgia police officers use radar guns to spot speeders, including big rigs driven by CDL license holders. If you are a CDL operator and you get arrested for DUI, call us to hear your options.

  • Improper lane change violations, of which some states may have various statutes in place (e.g., for multi-lane roadways or single lane highway) for any failure to maintain lane) violations. Commercial drivers are also trained to always signal before making any lane change, since a small vehicle could be in their blind spot.
  •  Hit and run criminal cases (also called “leaving the scene of an accident), which can be a predicate serious driving offense supporting felony prosecution if serious bodily injury or death occurs. Due to the high incidence of deaths and serious bodily injury when a massive commercial vehicle collides with a passenger vehicle, pickup truck, motorcycle, or pedestrian, the CDL licensee cannot depart from the crash scene. Plus, when drug or alcohol-related crashes occur, the truck driver and her or his company may be facing civil claims filed by a trucking accident attorney that can top $20 million.
  • FTC – following another vehicle too closely can bring a citation even without contact being made.

Privately-Owned Vehicle Convictions in a Non-CDL Vehicle Will Affect Your CDL Privileges

A CDL operator with his or her CDL license in a personal vehicle also can face being disqualified (from using commercial driving privileges) for traffic citations obtained while driving a privately owned vehicle (POV). So, an 18-wheeler operator could be sidelined after not fighting certain tickets that happened in an ordinary car or pickup truck. The feds look at the past three (3) year period in imposing sanctions.

Any accused commercial driver needs top-rated legal representation to help save their high-demand, important and financially valuable jobs. This legal assistance helps protect all those other “connected” family members who depend upon the breadwinner’s trucking job.