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How To Handle the Stress of a DUI

How To Handle the Stress of a DUI

Being arrested and charged with DUI-DWI is the beginning of a long and often stressful process that can be the worst experience of your life. For people with no experience with the criminal justice system, your arrest and the time you spent in jail before you were released can be a source of nightmares and insomnia. Memories of the sounds, smells and discomfort of jail on the night of your arrest can be a difficult thing to shake.

If you find that you are having a tough time dealing with your stress, discuss this with your attorney. If you have chosen the right DUI-DWI attorney, he or she will understand what you are going through. He or she will likely suggest counseling, to assist you in the stressful times ahead.

When clients tell me about their stress, I always take it very seriously. In my thirty years of seeing people in these situations, I realize that this stress can make life miserable. Unfortunately, eight of my clients—all men—committed suicide before I could get their cases resolved. Never has anyone the author has represented committed suicide AFTER he went to trial.

Hence, the stress of waiting for a resolution can be worse than the final outcome of the case.
One of the worst things about the entire situation is going to be the months of waiting while it seems like nothing is happening. You want to get through the process and get it completed. The anxiety of waiting and believing that everyone except you is in control of your life creates a great deal of anxiety. This is particularly true for people who are used to being in total control of their lives.

It is okay to ask for professional help through counseling. For many, it is the only answer to their problem. In fact, you can make your life worse by not seeking help.

Some people in your situation have an adequate support system, between their family, their religious affiliations, their friends, and possibly their employer. Many people find an excellent support system with their alcohol or drug counselor. Others will not have any similar support system, or may find that the support system they had is not adequate to help reduce the stress.

If you take out your anger or frustration on those who are close to you while you are under the legal microscope during this lengthy process, the destroyed relationships can be worse than anything that happens in court. In addition, if you cannot find ways of dealing with the distractions and anxiety of your situation, you may lose both personal and professional relationships as you try to “self-help” rather than turn the issue over to professionals.

Ask your DUI-DWI attorney to refer you to a counselor that he or she knows has both experience and compassion in these situations. Go for assistance sooner rather than later if there is any doubt in your mind that you need counseling. Sometimes, a single session or a couple of sessions with a counselor can point out a method of coping that will carry you through your case.

If your issues or problems are more complex, you may be referred to a medical specialist such as a psychiatrist who can prescribe anti-anxiety medications or sleep medications.

A DUI charge can be the most stressful circumstance you have ever faced. It doesn’t have to be. Call one of our best DUI lawyers and he or she will give you the names and numbers of people who can help.