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Top DUI Lawyers in Nashville, Tennessee

Protect your rights with one of the top-rated DUI lawyers in Nashville, TN. Avoid a DUI conviction, jail time, lower car insurance, and keep your driver's license with expert drunk driving defense lawyers in Nashville.

DUI Lawyers in Nashville

Finding a top rated DUI lawyer in Nashville, Tennessee, is an invaluable decision for anyone facing DUI charges. Their legal expertise, strategic planning, and in-depth knowledge of local laws and court systems provide indispensable support throughout the DUI process.

Nashville has its own unique set of factors that influence DUI cases. An experienced Nashville DUI lawyer will understand these nuances. From immediate post-arrest advice to complex appeals, a Nashville DUI attorney’s role is comprehensive, providing peace of mind and a potentially more favorable outcome.

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Legal Definition of a DUI in Nashville

In Nashville, like the rest of Tennessee, the legal definition of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is clearly outlined in the state’s statutes. Understanding this definition is crucial for anyone navigating the legal system due to DUI charges. Tennessee Code Annotated 55-10-401 defines the offense of DUI in Tennessee in detail.

Definition of DUI in Nashville

The key legal distinctions of a Nashville DUI include:

  1. Alcohol Influence: It is illegal to drive or be in physical control of an automobile or other motor-driven vehicle in the state of Tennessee while under the influence of any intoxicant, specifically alcohol, to the extent that it impairs the driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. The legal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit is 0.08% for drivers over the age of 21.
  2. Drug Influence: The law also prohibits driving under the influence of any drug, including prescription medications and illegal drugs, which impairs the driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle.
  3. Combination of Alcohol and Drugs: Operating a vehicle while under the combined influence of alcohol, drugs, or both that impairs the driver’s ability to safely control the vehicle is also considered a DUI.
  4. Commercial Drivers and Minors: For commercial drivers, the BAC limit is 0.04%, and for drivers under the age of 21, the limit is set at 0.02%.
  5. Aggravating Factors: Certain factors can enhance the penalties for a DUI, such as causing an accident with injury or death, having a high BAC (over 0.15%), or having prior DUI convictions.

This is a simplified overview and doesn’t constitute legal advice. If you’re facing a DUI charge in Nashville, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced Nashville DUI lawyer to fully understand the specific details of your case and your legal options.

We have more in-depth articles if you’d like to learn more about Tennessee’s DUI Laws.

Finding A DUI Lawyer in Nashville

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear is “How do I find the best DUI lawyer in Nashville?” One of the best places to begin searching for top-rated DUI attorneys in Nashville is professional law organizations in Nashville. These groups are made up of legal professionals encompassing all areas of law, including Nashville DUI law.

Members of professional law organizations in Nashville are legal professionals who are in good standing with Nashville law enforcement as well as their fellow lawyers. While this isn’t necessarily a one-stop-shop, it can be a fantastic resource for finding skilled DUI attorneys and their DUI law offices.

Some of the professional law organizations in Nashville include:

These are some very good places to start your search for a criminal defense attorney in Nashville. Keep in mind that just because someone is a member of one of these organizations does not guarantee they are a top-rated DUI lawyer.

Top DUI Lawyers in Nashville

Be discerning, ask lots of questions, and use your best judgment. You are the only person who can determine the best DUI lawyer in Nashville for your specific case.

How A Nashville DUI Lawyer Can Help

Dealing with a DUI offense in Nashville can be a life-altering experience with far-reaching consequences. The intricate legalities surrounding DUI charges necessitate expert legal assistance. Let’s explore the multifaceted benefits of hiring a DUI defense lawyer in Nashville, highlighting how they can assist at various stages of the legal process.

Immediately After A DUI Arrest

Immediately after an arrest, a Nashville DUI lawyer provides crucial legal advice. They can help ensure that you understand your rights, such as the right to remain silent. They can guide you through the initial interactions with Nashville law enforcement, ensuring your rights are not violated.

Due to Tennessee’s implied consent law, anyone driving on Tennessee roads has given consent to submit to chemical tests like DUI breath tests. That being said, someone may refuse these tests, although this usually results in an administrative license suspension. Your DUI attorney in Nashville can help you appeal the administrative license suspension so you can keep your drivers license.

They can facilitate the bail process, helping to secure your release from custody promptly. An experienced DUI attorney in Nashville can argue for a reasonable bail amount, making the process smoother.

During Pre-Trial

A Nashville criminal defense attorney meticulously reviews all evidence, including police reports and chemical test results. They look for any procedural mistakes or rights violations made by the police officer that could be pivotal in your DUI defense.

Filing motions to suppress evidence due to illegal search or improper arrest procedures can significantly impact your case. Your Nashville DUI lawyer can assess the strength of the prosecution’s case and develop a drunk driving defense strategy accordingly. A skilled DUI lawyer can also file motions to dismiss the case if there are strong legal grounds.

If the evidence against you is substantial, your criminal defense lawyer might negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor. This could potentially lead to reduced charges or penalties, especially beneficial in cases where a conviction seems likely.

During The Trial

Your DUI defense attorney plays a significant role in selecting a jury and ensuring a fair trial. They understand how to appeal to jurors and persuasively present your case.

They also bring an in-depth understanding of DUI laws in Tennessee, which is essential for challenging the prosecution’s narrative and presenting alternative interpretations of the evidence. Experienced DUI lawyers in Nashville can present your defense with compelling evidence and expert testimony. This enables you to challenge the validity of field sobriety tests and DUI breath tests, which are often crucial to the prosecutions case.

Top-rated Nashville DUI lawyers are well-versed in court procedures and effective drunk driving defense strategies. Their expertise is crucial in presenting a robust defense, cross-examining witnesses, and addressing the jury effectively.

After The Trial

In cases of a DUI conviction, a DUI lawyer can negotiate for a more lenient sentence, focusing on alternatives to jail time, like community service, probation,  or rehabilitation programs.

A top-rated Nashville DUI attorney can also provide guidance on the process of getting your driver’s license reinstated, which can be complex in DUI cases. This may require the installation of an ignition interlock device, which your Nashville DUI attorney can help you navigate.

Appeals and Onward

If there are grounds for appealing a DUI conviction, such as legal errors during the trial, a DUI lawyer can handle the intricate process of filing and arguing an appeal. They prepare and submit all necessary documentation, adhering to strict deadlines and procedural requirements. Experienced DUI attorneys can effectively present oral arguments in appellate courts, potentially leading to a reversal of the conviction.

Depending on the specifics of your DUI case, you may be eligible to have the DUI expunged from your record. If you are eligible for DUI expungement in Tennessee, your Nashville criminal defense attorney can guide you through the expungement process.

DUI Arrests in Nashville, Tennessee

As of this writing, the latest statistics for the number of DUI arrests in Nashville only go through 2021. Given the available data, it appears the number of DUI arrests has been decreasing. That being said, the pandemic lowered DUI arrest numbers all over the country, so the full picture is unclear at present. As more data becomes publicly available, we will update these numbers to better reflect current DUI arrests in Nashville.

DUI Arrests in Nashville, TN

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the number of DUI arrests in Nashville over the past few years are as follows:

  • 2020: 680 DUI arrests in Nashville
  • 2021: 729 DUI arrests in Nashville

These numbers were compiled from 3 different reporting agencies: Nashville Metro Police Department, Nashville Metro Park Police, and the Tennesse Wildlife Resources Agency.

DUI Courthouses in Nashville

Nashville has a fairly large population of just over 692,000 residents. That being said, there is currently only 1 courthouse that hears DUI cases in the city of Nashville.

Nashville Municipal Courthouse


Municipal Courthouse Nashville TN
1 Public Square
Nashville, TN 37201

Nashville Municipal Courthouse 1 Public Sq, Nashville, TN 37201


(615) 862-6780


Nashville Municipal Courthouse Website

More Tennessee DUI Resources

If you need a DUI lawyer in a specific city in Tennessee, we also have pages for DUI lawyers in cities across the state of Tennessee. Read our helpful and informative articles below to find a DUI lawyer near you. Also, you can call 1-888-839-4384 anytime to schedule a free consultation.